Hiring an attorney with business law experience is an important decision. Law Office of Andrea Natale is ready to assist from basic entity formations and corporate due diligence, to legal compliance and acquisition of complex multimillion-dollar transactions.

Business Formation

Forming a business presents the entrepreneur with numerous challenges. From the moment you begin any business activity, you are exposing yourself to debts and any ensuing liabilities. Whether you seek to run a corporation, a partnership, a LLC, a trust or remain a sole proprietor, our Firm is available to advise you on the best entity structure for your intended business. What entity should you choose if you want to bring on additional partners, raise capital, or protect personal assets? Choosing the appropriate entity is paramount to running an efficient business.


Our Firm is ready to assist budding and seasoned entrepreneurs with all facets of starting and running a successful startup. The initial stage of any startup begins with a business plan. If the entrepreneur lacks one, we stand ready to draft the right business plan, assist in development of financing models for the initial capitalization and raising adequate capital. We will advise you on the best entity and tax structure for your company, assist in drafting bylaws and operating agreements, delegating duties and responsibilities to the board of directors and officers, and limiting liability.


There are certain contract drafting formalities that must be followed, otherwise the court will find the contract to be unenforceable. We are able to assist with drafting purchase and sale, non-competition, non-disclosure, employment, independent contractor, partnership and indemnity agreements. If you entered into an otherwise legally enforceable contract and wish to get out, you may be able to escape liability and terminate the contract. We will evaluate your contract for any mistakes, exertion of duress, undue influence, misrepresentation or fraud, or unconscionability that will excuse performance.


Attempting to reach an agreement with another party without an attorney can prove futile. Whether you are attempting to enter into an agreement, or get out of an existing agreement, our Firm stands ready to assist. If a lawsuit is pending, negotiations between both parties with the presence of an experienced counsel often results in quicker resolution. If the parties are not able to able to reach an agreement, then alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration may be the next best option. If all else fails, our Firm is capable of initiating a court action against the non-performing party.


When the party is engaged in a purchase or sale of a businesses, due diligence must be performed to ensure that the deal is ripe and right. Due diligence allows the purchaser to examine the ability of the other party to deliver on its negotiated promises. Corporate due diligence is the most critical phase in determining whether the deal makes sense. Our Firm works with acquiring and disposing parties. We review contractual, regulatory, financial and technical obligations. We ensure that both pre and post-closing transaction conditions are not violated.


Sometimes, dissolution of a business may be the best option for the business owner(s) if the business continues to fail or the partners are uncooperative and unwilling to continue the relationship. Dissolution may also be necessary if the business has been bought out or merged with another company. If you intend to dissolve your business, it is important that you consult with an attorney to ensure that you comply with state and federal laws and are not violating any bylaws or operating agreements. Once the formalities of documenting the decision to dissolve the business along with subsequent approvals by required parties, our Firm can help with drafting documents and filing the certificate or articles of dissolution with the appropriate state authorities.


Depending on the type of entity, any business setup will have tax ramifications. If you engage in international business, you will need help with contracts, tax treatment and other legal matters. Our Firm offers tax planning and compliance services. We are able to conduct thorough research on tax laws, strategize with clients to minimize tax liability, explain tax issues and keep clients compliant with their tax obligations.